About Us

Vintage Warehouse started in 1995, out of a small 2 car garage, in Windsor, Ca.

Originally as a way for Greg to sell the literal yard full of parts he had collected. But over the years, things grew.

Out of necessity, Greg taught himself how to restore speedometers. That kept him busy most nights for many years.

In 1998 Greg took a trip with his friend and fellow VW collector, Blue Nelson, to England and Europe.

Many lifelong friendships were made on that trip, as well as numerous contacts who he still works with to this day.

While selling used parts were always the main task, in the late 90’s he started focusing on suspensions.

Narrowed, lowered, dropped suspensions.

By 1999 he had outgrown the garage and was working out of a 1000sf shop.

By following the scene, going to shows, swaps meets and other events, Greg was learning what people wanted.

He decided he’d fill that void.

 While not the first guy to narrow a bus beam, he was the first one to do it in NorCal.

When he rolled out the “Slam-O-Matic” Single Cab in April of  2001 people lost their heads.

From that point, Vintage Warehouse and quality bus suspensions have been synonymous with each other.

By 2003 Greg was selling used parts, locating hard to find/rare parts, building, and installing suspensions, as well as supplying new parts.

It seemed like every weekend there was a show or swap meet to attend. People were calling from around the world.

His hobby was turning into a full-time job. He was now putting in 4-6 hours a day at his shop after his “regular” workday ended.

In 2005 Greg’s business had grown to a point that he was working at his shop more hours a day than his regular job.

That’s when he decided he would go all-in and work on VW’s full-time.

Along with the previous work he had been doing, the demand for  Bug, Ghia, and Bus suspensions was at an all-time high.

To keep up with the demand, Greg hired a friend to help with suspensions installs.

Greg would build beams, spindles, extended or dropped spring plates, straight axle conversions, together they would then do the installation.

Greg started buying cars rebuilding the running gear, and electrical systems, replacing the interiors and giving them a thorough cleaning,

then “flipping” them on to new owners. One car would leave, 2 or 3 more would come in.

Next thing He knows, Greg is sourcing cars for people around the globe.


Little did he know that this many years later “playing with VW’s” would still be his full-time job.

Having been on the customer side of the counter Greg knew how annoying it was to be nickel and dimed after making the initial purchase.

With that in mind, Greg likes to ask a lot of questions to make sure his customers are getting exactly what they need.

The Slam-O-Matic drop job is a perfect example of this. 100% complete from the parts to the labor. No hidden costs.

Customer service is also a priority. If you have any questions Greg is ready to help you out.

Timely service is also a priority.