4″ Bus Narrowed Beam


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The Type 2 Narrowed Adjustable Beam. After two years of design and testing, they are here and ready for shipment! 
The Same As Our 2" Narrowed Bus Beam, Except These Are 4"!

1. Designed and engineered in the USA!
2. Narrowed a full 4 Inches
3. Black Powder Coating for a long lasting & durable finish.
4. Fully Adjustable! Go from stock height to slammed.
5. Includes PUMA™ Style adjusters with precise fit teeth designed just for Type 2's
6. Added Caster for better steering stability.
7. Includes shortened steering pin for better ground clearance.
8. Fits T-2's to 1963 1/2 and late 1963 1/2 to '67 with slight modification to upper and lower torsion arms.

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